Music and lyrics (2014)

Since the middle of 2009, I’ve written ten collections of songs and roughly 170 songs in total. The collections are titled:

1. Songs and Poems for the Night (2009)
2. Love Yesterday (2010)
3. Laid Down My Burden (2011)
4. Making Way for the West Country (2011)
5. For Mona (2012)
6. South of Paradise (2012)
7. St. Marks (2013)
8. Eighth Moon Evenings (2013)
9. Cold Iron Bed (2014)
10. LA|Vita Nuova (2016)

In the past, I occasionally performed at open mic nights and for private audiences. I was taught guitar for a short while by the late Linda Cohen, and primarily play fingerstyle folk, blues, and folk blues.

In the near future, I’ll add lyrics, recordings, and artwork for these collections here.