Science & Engineering


My love for science and engineering blossomed early. I would wake up on the mornings of the Space Shuttle launch or landing and look for it in the pre-dawn sky—even though that may have been impossible! And on the weekends, I would go with my dad to the airport, where he would sit me upon his shoulders so I could see the planes (whose makes and types I had memorized) come and go.

Like many children, I was overcome with a love for paleontology and natural history, and captivated by the depths and wonder of space. My passion for space ultimately made way for science fair projects in high school, lab research in college, and of course, graduate research. I’m fortunate enough to be able to continue pursing my childhood passions in a professional capacity.

For more information on some of the projects I’ve worked on, navigate based on topic below. My Google Scholar profile can be found here.


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